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With more than 25 years of experience as the leader in musical learning, Music Together® understands music’s unique ability to impact children (and families!) in profound ways. Across private studios and childcare centers in over 40 countries, children, parents, and teachers enjoy participating in Music Together’s fun, developmentally specific, and research-based music and movement classes. Parents also appreciate how enrollment in Music Together includes home materials, including their favorite songs, illustrations and learning activities from class, so families can “play” Music Together wherever they go.

As a trained Music Together educator, I love bringing the world of Music Together to our community. Each week in my Music Together studio, I lead music classes for families filled with singing, dancing, laughing, and instrument playing—all backed by Music Together’s team of early childhood music experts and the latest research on how children learn best. In addition, I partner with parents to support their role as a child’s first and best teacher by providing tools, tips, and resources to understand how (and why!) to use music and movement throughout the week.

From Music Together’s early childhood music classes around the world to the loving local community of families at my studio, together we put a song in the hearts of children.

Come experience for yourself why more than 2 million families in over 40 countries love Music Together. Try a free demo class today!

Join our Music Together community and nurture your child’s music skill, creativity, self-expression, confidence, and overall development. Check it out for yourself by visiting a class. Come see what parents around the globe have been raving about for decades!

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What is Music Together?

    • Music Together® is an internationally-recognized participatory music class for children aged 0-5 and their caregivers.
    • It is research-based, developmentally appropriate early childhood music curriculum that strongly emphasizes and facilitates adult involvement.
    • It develops your child’s basic rhythmic and tonal competence, in a pressure-free environment, all while having a great time and fostering the bond between the parent/caregiver and child.
    • The main premise is that all children are musical, and with the right support, all kids can learn to keep a beat and sing in tune.
    • Family involvement is key to children’s music-making, and parents/caregivers are the best role models.  Your child will learn through making and experiencing music together regardless of your musical abilities.
    • More information is available on the Music Together® website.

What are Music Together® classes like?

Children and their parents or caregivers (nanny, babysitter, grandparent) meet weekly for 45 minutes each for ten weeks to experience new songs, chants, movement activities, and instrumental jam sessions. Both adults and children sit in the circle and participate, led by a registered Music Together® teacher with early childhood and music skills. The teacher helps adults understand how to participate and the importance of relaxing and enjoying the activities with their children.

Musical activities include songs, chants and rhythmic rhymes, fingerplay, lap songs, rhythm games, instrument jams and a rich variety of other music and movement activities. These activities are presented as informal, non-performance-oriented musical experiences. They are developmentally appropriate for children and easy for parents and caregivers, regardless of their own musical ability.

Children have many opportunities to create and to play – making up rhythm patterns, making up new words to songs, making up movements to express a sound. Some children will simply stare and “study” the experience, as they absorb the musically rich environment. Other children will sing, play and dance freely, because they are in a comfortable, encouraging environment and because they know the songs and chants from the songbook and CD they take home. Each class has ritual features which the children need and enjoy such as the “Hello Song,” the instrumental “Play-Along,” a lullaby, and the “Goodbye Song.” Eight to ten other experiences are included in each class, ranging from free movement to songs in unusual meters.


Instruments and props include: egg shakers, bells, drums, balls, scarves, rhythm sticks, and more! The range of minor, major, aeolian, and dorian melodies, as well as the varying rhythms, musical styles, subject matter, and languages of songs will interest both you and your child.

Mixed Ages: Childhood educators have long considered mixed-age groupings to be beneficial, and the Music Together® program is designed with this in mind. Activities focus on adult/child interaction rather than child/child interaction, so children of different ages (such as siblings) can enjoy class together. As in a large family, children of different ages learn musical, social, communication, and other skills from each other as well as from the adults — while their individual development is stimulated in age-appropriate ways. Children participate at their own level in classes of mixed ages by singing, moving, chanting, listening, and exploring musical instruments.

Infants: Infants blend with any age group. We have found that early exposure to music greatly benefits their musical development. The rewards for this can be seen as they grow and develop.

The enjoyment doesn’t stop when the class is over. Each semester families receive a song collection and recording of original compositions and traditional songs performed by outstanding singers and instrumentalists. The children will often ask to hear the Music Together® CD in the car and a home, or when friends come over to play. The songbook often comes out at bedtime or naptime and is used as a storybook. Parents are encouraged to “read” the songs, even if they don’t read music. At home, parents also enjoy their children singing parts of Music Together® songs and dancing spontaneously to music. Each songbook contains 25 songs and the songbook changes every semester, so every enrolled kid can continue to learn and practice new songs for at least three years.

Years after your child takes a Music Together® class, he or she will still remember the “Hello Song” and other favorites. Parents of former students tell us “We still have those CDs!” With a childhood of Music Together® experiences, your child will be among the young people who have a deep-seated love of music-making.

We think our classes are absolutely the best you could find to enrich your children’s lives, so come and see for yourself.

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